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Automotive IC market is booming
Release time:2014.03.31 News source:TAIZHOU YIBAI MACHINERY CO.LTD. Browsing number:

The lackluster performance of the semiconductor industry, the automotive market is a rare bright spot. According to the latest report of the market research firm Databeans, thanks to new models hot automotive internal semiconductor content penetration innovative, thriving in the field of IC sales.

The Databeans report that the semiconductor components in recent years, car penetration rates are based on double-digit growth this year, the average semiconductor content of the interior of the car occupies the cost has reached $ 350. Although the high-end luxury cars used in semiconductor content was significantly higher than in the low-end cars, but many of the original exclusive high-end cars with the optional, is now becoming the standard of the mid-range cars equipped; said the report, which kinds of trickle-down effect is clearly signs of accelerating this trend from the the consumer wireless connection, save the increasingly high demand of energy security.

According to to Databeans the estimates, in 2012, the global semiconductor manufacturers sales totaling $ 25.3 billion to car manufacturers, unchanged from 2011, but shipments increased to 76.7 billion, the average selling price (ASP) for 33 cents. Forecast 2017 Automotive IC market revenue will average annual growth of 8%, to $ 37.3 billion, 1,120 teeth shipments of scale.

Databeans said in automotive IC field, STMicroelectronics (STMicroelectronics) and Infineon (Infineon) is the most dazzling performance of the two suppliers; former car sales of IC products occupy 17% of the company, which car with IC revenue occupy up to 43% the proportion of the overall revenue. STMicroelectronics executive vice president and general manager of the Automotive Products Business Unit MarioMonti once told EETimes edit: the auto industry prospects.

The regional market point of view, Databeans new listing in the United States, sales of small cars are in the best condition since 2008; auto market continued to lead the U.S. economy out of recession impetus. Recently, the U.S. official statistics also show that the automobile industry for the first quarter of 2012, U.S. economic growth rate of 2.2%, half of the contribution.

Databeans estimated global vehicle sales growth in the second half, the speed will be faster; especially since the end of May, the Chinese government announced that it will provide the subsidies to consumers to replace old trucks, buy a new type of lightweight commercial vehicles. But on the other hand, the poor new car sales performance in Europe, lower than the normal level; German Automobile Manufacturers Association estimated that the European car market will decline 5% this year, if the European debt crisis can be solved, the magnitude of expected narrowing.

Sales of hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles (HEV / EV) steady growth, it is estimated that up to 200 million units in 2012, twice in 2009. Databeans forecast, the global HEV / EV sales will reach 4.2 million units by 2017.

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