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The internal and external environment of the automotive supplies low levels will not change the mark
Release time:2014.03.31 News source:TAIZHOU YIBAI MACHINERY CO.LTD. Browsing number:

Automotive supplies, a ductility strong collectively, involving major automotive electronics, electrical products, automotive safety systems, automotive maintenance beauty supplies, car accessories and car modification, etc.. Remember a repairer of the guru said, automobile production can only be considered a semi-finished products. What he means is that consumers to buy the car, but also need to be added to the car additional supplies to meet consumer demand. This theory is not without a basis for the assertion, in 2011 with the high-speed development of China's auto market, many car-related automotive supplies, auto parts, car maintenance, car modification after gradually expand the size of the market, has now reached 190 billion yuan market scale, ranks second in Asia. And an annual increase rate of 20% - 30%, much higher than the increase in sales of the vehicle market.

Automotive supplies market looks beautiful in reality, but also suffered some embarrassment. A main sales body accessories, exhibitors, complain: inside the automotive supplies, most profitable, most potential supplies of body modification, because the reality of laws and regulations limit can not open the market. The case can not be a large-scale publicity, this year the market finally has been improvement, but because of recent crashes are frequent speeding traffic violation, leading to the traffic police department immediately tighten up the identification and punishment of standards on vehicle modifications, makes some originally tour walk in the law allows the modification of the scope of the edge surrounded hub acts have been stopped. There are some supplies, but also in a regulatory gray area of ​​the law and regulations, resulting in these supplies is difficult to obtain a full identity. Therefore, the relevant laws and regulations on the 1st imperfect clear goods market or day difficult Yields climate.

For some supplies no technical content, such as maintenance, decorations, network marketing has become an unstoppable marketing business model. That more and more integrated shopping site Taobao, Jingdong network auto parts supplies shop, this is bound to cause a larger impact on the existing brick and mortar store. This category of automotive supplies mainly to young consumers, diversity, convenience and price advantage of online shopping, all exactly in line with the spending habits of these young people. Therefore, in this part of the supplies on the market, the store although sales, but profit is very thin, as tasteless tasteless but wasteful to discard.

Remove the largest automotive supplies sales and profits at both ends of the market, left the store space has been little, and the market is still in the stage of disorderly competition, the relatively low threshold on the market and prices will inevitably bring confusion , such as just a film market chaos, in addition to several well-known brand slightly larger, the other smaller brands shoddy deceive events have occurred. Also affect the overall impression and reputation of the consumers, the long-term development of the market as a whole is a large damage.

Therefore, automotive supplies market to open up the situation, not be easy to achieve. There is a big change of external environment and internal market, the goods market is always hovering at a low level. Nevertheless, a large market of 100 million vehicle population in the match, and by no means is this scale. So, although a long way to go, but as long as there is a determination to do a hundred years old and flexible business practices, automotive supplies market future is promising!

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